1. The Singel. Dutch canal, in the evening. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  2. Pancake flat. Holland’s very level terrain is one reason why everyone rides a bicycle. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  3. Hello Holland. It’s so nice to see you again. Has it been four years already? You look great! The Hague, Netherlands.

  4. Goodbye Greece. Taken from a speeding bus to the airport. (Please pardon the blur.) Athens, Greece.

  5. Hellenic marina. The place to meet, eat, drink, and linger in this town. Aegina, Greece.

  6. Good morning. Aegina, Greece.

  7. Ferry ride. Not far from Athens, I saw this beautiful church looking out onto the sea. Aegina, Greece.

  8. High above. They are hard at work rebuilding the Acropolis, in 85 degree heat. Athens, Greece.

  9. Firmly in Europe. Hello Athens! Nice to see your parliament building, Boyah. Athens, Greece.

  10. Blue mosque. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque was completed in 1616. The modern lighting and speakers are suspended by cables from the ceiling. Istanbul, Turkey.